As the saying goes, God (or the devil) is in the details.  We think nothing beats kerfed in door liners for a clean modern appearance.  In our book, anything that can reduce the visual information presented in a wall assembly, is better.  This detail requires that the interior doors be installed prior to sheetrock, and we’ve learned, they need to be secured well so they don’t shift (or get shifted) during sheetrock hanging. Champion Drywall of Pace Florida ensures that all details for accounted for and that your jobs are perfect.

Champion Drywall of Pace Florida has a few tips for all of you to see, hopefully this will help anyone out there that wants to give drywall a shot. We give these from years of experience doing drywall work in the Pace, Florida area.

1. 5/8” GWB (Gypsum Wall Board) is always a better move than ½” GWB for thickness- it’s stiffer and hides framing imperfections. Nothing makes up for a day or two of extra work with long levels flattening walls/ ceilings and checking for other framing problems that will become evident only at the end of the project when all the interior lighting is in place.